In October I visited an exhibition in Berlin showing Japanese photography of the Meiji Period. Around 200 beautiful photos of Tokyo and other areas in Japan were shown and they inspired me to make my own gallery of photos which are similar in style. The old highly detailed, hand-colored photographs are dominated by the three colors pale pink, light blue and ice green. Some famous foreign photographers of that time were Felice Beato, Baron Raymond von Stillfried-Rathenicz, Adolfo Farsai and John Wilson.  They took photos auf geishas, samurai, sumo wrestlers and kabuki actors, but also temples in Tokyo or Nikko. These albumen prints have been sold to tourists visiting Japan and helped much to spread the the stereotypes of the land of the rising sun in the west.

Please visit my Gallery Pale Pink, Light Blue & Ice Green, I am looking very forward to comments and feedback.

Every fan of Japan visiting to Berlin should not miss the exhibition at the Museum of Photography, which will take place until 10 January 2016.